Butiksställ för frukt och grönsaker med display i taket

About Mindelon

We are a privately owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, owns and develops technology-based businesses in selected niches.

The Mindelon Group currently comprises six companies focused on increasing sales and efficiency in retail stores and other companies by offering value-adding solutions such as store information and signage, checkout systems, display of theft-prone goods and efficient logistics. Together the companies have some 275 employees in the Nordic region and the UK and annual sales of around SEK 675 million.

Mindelon has two sister groups – KAMIC Group and Amplex – with which we share, in all significant aspects, our business model and values. Mindelon also shares several management functions with its sister groups. For more information on our sister groups, please visit kamicgroup.com or amplexab.se.

We strive to grow as a group and expand both organically and through the acquisition of companies that complement our business and product portfolio.