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Business mission & Strategy

Mindelon's business mission is to acquire, own and develop technology-based businesses in a number of well-defined product and market niches.

Through our subsidiaries we offer technical products, systems, equipment and services based on trading as well as our own development. Customers obtain added value through innovative solutions that contribute to increased efficiency and competitiveness, including customisation of products to meet specific needs as well as through high-quality logistics and support services.


Decentralised business responsibility

Our subidiaries operate as separate profit centres with their own brands, goals and strategies. As owner, we act in the long term and with great confidence in the companies’ own competence to run and develop their operations. Each company therefore has considerable freedom to act and develop based on its individual circumstances.

Närbild på två bärbara datorer och händer som antecknarGovernance of the companies is primarily through setting clear targets for the business as well as through active and constructive monitoring of results in relation to targets. We challenge company managements at the same time as we contribute experience, contacts and business development tools.

Operate in selected niches where we can create added value

The Mindelon companies focus their offering on a number of well-defined product areas and/or customer segments where there are good growth opportunities and where we can see conditions for creating clear added value for our customers.

Good business acumen with clarity and willingness to achieve results

The basis for successful business is to discover and quickly understand customers’ needs and from this insight offer solutions that create added value for the customer at the same time as contributing to profitability for our companies. Deep technical expertise combined with an innovative way of thinking and working and a strong drive to achieve results are therefore characteristics that are particularly rewarded in our employees.

Business professionalism also means acting in a way that builds lasting confidence and relationships with customers and suppliers. This includes communicating in a clear and straightforward manner, always meeting obligations, and continuously striving to surpass expectations.

It is also vital that our business operations are based on clear ethical foundations, where Mindelon seeks to contribute to positive changes for people and the environment.

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Create growth and value through acquisitions

Acquisitions are a key component of our strategy for growth and development of the group. Acquiring businesses adds new products and suppliers, broadens the customer base, opens up new market niches and, not least, brings in new skills and energy.

We therefore work actively and systematically to identify well-run technology-oriented companies that can be acquisition targets. Our decentralised business model puts considerable weight on maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and decision-making strengths in the companies we buy. At the same time, Mindelon provides these companies with a financially stable, committed, long-term owner able to offer a broad international network, structural support and skills and tools for continued business development.

We gratefully accept tips on potential acquisition candidates that can fit into the Mindelon Group!