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May 25, 2022

Mindelon divests its share in Postronic

Mindelon divests its share in Postronic AB to other co-owners.

Mindelon AB has sold all its shares in Postronic AB, corresponding to 55 per cent of the total share capital, to the company’s two other owners Lennart Berggren and Göran Almqvist.

Mindelon, and previously its sister group Amplex, has been the majority owner in Postronic since 2000. Following a long, close and productive collaboration, Mindelon’s management, in agreement with the other owners, has concluded that a concentration of ownership to those operationally and daily active in the company is to the advantage of the company’s future development.

On behalf of Mindelon, we wish Lennart Berggren, Göran Almqvist and other Postronic employees the best of luck and success in the company’s future operations.

Postronic was founded by Lennart and Göran in 1999 and supplies high-technology POS products to primarily the Swedish retail and grocery sectors.


Ulrica Lindunger, Head of the Retail Solutions business area, Mindelon AB
+46 (0)73 301 70 30, ulrika.lindunger@mindelon.com

Håkan Lundgren, Head of Corporate Development & Communications, Mindelon AB
+46 (0)8 759 35 79, hakan.lundgren@mindelon.com


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