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Press release | February 16, 2022

Mindelon acquires SignMedia Europe

Mindelon AB, a sister company to KAMIC Group and Amplex, has acquired 70% of the shares in SignMedia Europe AB.

The sellers are the Fuxholt family who together own the remaining 30% of the company.

SignMedia offers suppliers and retailers a modern and powerful marketing channel using digital screens in and around stores. Suppliers are offered advertising space where their message can be seen by customers as they go round the store and in product groups where customers make their final active choice of products.

Local advertisers are offered space on large outdoor screens at a roadside or adjacent to a store which provides an opportunity to be seen by potential customers.

SignMedia also offers stores an attractive source of revenue for the use of the stores’ existing and new digital screens where SignMedia handles all contacts and agreements. SignMedia operates throughout Sweden but has its base in Kumla approximately 20 kilometres south of Örebro.

About Mindelon

We are a privately owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, supports and develops technology-based businesses in a number of well-defined niches.

The Mindelon Group currently comprises some ten companies focused on increasing sales and efficiency in retail stores and other companies by offering value-adding solutions such as store information and signage, checkout systems, display of theft-prone goods and efficient logistics. Among the group companies are found LTG Display, Frepart, Optiscan, Postronic and more. Together the companies have more than 100 employees, annual sales of around SEK 375 million with sales in northern Europe and the USA.

Mindelon has two sister groups – KAMIC Group and Amplex – with which we share, in all significant aspects, our business model and values. Mindelon also shares several management functions with its sister groups. To learn more about Mindelon, please visit www.mindelon.com.

For additional information, please contact

Ulrica Lindunger, Head of the Retail Solutions business area, Mindelon AB
+46 73 301 70 30, ulrica.lindunger@mindelon.com

Håkan Lundgren, Head of Corporate Development & Communications, Mindelon AB
+46 8 759 35 79, hakan.lundgren@mindelon.com

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